Lirik Lagu Love by Gerhana Ska Cinta at Senikata Lirik Lagu


Gerhana Ska Cinta

(Chorus – widy)
Shake your body and more your hips
Move around and feel the beat
Shake your body and do the twist
Spin around and feel the heat

(verse one – joe)
Use to run up in the club with fake id
And run up to a girl say hey mommy
My name is joe flizzy, we should get busy
And maybe in the morning you wake next to me
Remember being 17 not giving a damn
Now 8 years deep and the damn thing changed
Step it up a ‘lil, push it nicer ride
Nicer girls… Pushing up my sidekicks all
White, tyte that kick all night
With my man django singing “give me the light”
Would let it get to the head pops taught me brah
Just ‘cos i get more head i’m still focus brah
Hocus pocus bras come off, skills potent
Girls love me ‘cos i’m mannered and soft spoken
Matter of fact slowing to gerhana skacinta
Looking for a girl tonight… Apa cerita?
Senorita this is the new authentic
I’ll come by to your crib
Thougt your room is rented
I’m charismatic yeah we underground playa
Rolling kl like we the town mayors
Peep how i say this now pass the dro
Shake your booty baby take off your clothes
I’ll rock your boat, take mental notes
Is your boy joe flizz act like you know

(verse two – malique)
In a club you act cool, don’t act the fool
Play mack and cool, no crap or bull
Whether on the dance floor, or blastin pool
Never stare at chickadee’s
Wit a face looking corny
Kickin it too quicker just to
Hit on a marvelous booty
Could he, pass the duty,
Liquey take over the cutie
I don’t care if you stare or glimpse
Lique the playa or lique the pimp
I don’t care what you call me
I just make you fall for me
Fall on me little homie be doing his thang
Dance floor, grind her,
She hotter than egg in the pan
She bubbly, sippin bubbly, humbly, looking
Humbly, looking lovely at the bar getting cudly
You can smother me but
Tell me where your hubby be
So if he gone, we can get it on, dingalong
Long love songs, thongs and bongs
Now all you gotta do is shake it right
Your ass ain’t glass won’t break it right
Till 6 in the morning we ladidadi
Too phat & gsc we be shake your body

(verse three – edy)
So here we com again wid’ another hit sound
Wid’ di’ phat company in di’ combination
An when we’re jammin together man!
You call this session
Wid’ malique and joe
We flex together double strong
Anywhere you go di’ gal feel alright
An this music make you jump
An gwann like you mad
Di’ d.j can d.j and di’ t.bone cyann sing
An you listen to me sing wid’ di’ dancehall style
All around di’ world di’ people dem love it
Dem love by di’ rudie’s and so di’ skinheads
Dem love it every year, every hour, every minute
And come shake yer body wid’
Gerhana ska rhythm…

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